X-ray Systems

Skanray’s offering includes a wide range of X-ray systems which can effectively cater to any big corporate hospital or a small clinic. The portfolio includes mobile X-ray systems, Classical RAD, CR and DR systems. Driven by its in-house expertise and use of patented technologies, Skanray has perfected the mechanism of generating X-Ray for imaging applications with negligible risk to patient and operator.

Our mobile X-ray systems are extremely light-weight and can be easily maneuvered even in congested hospital settings. Our wireless and cordless systems, Microskan Ion and Microskan DR, are an excellent solution for ICUs and rural centres where the machines are not continuously dependent on power supply. The unique SkanSHEILD® technology results in virtually negligible leakage radiation, ensuring both patient and clinician are not exposed to unnecessary radiation.


Strict quality control and adherence has allowed us to achieve "Quality & Reliability" in all our offerings.