Skanray's critical care ventilator is designed to offer the clinicians with the flexibility to control the patient’s ventilatory status coupled with intelligent algorithms that reduces the incidence of Ventilator Induced Lung Injury (VILI). 16 vital parameters are presented to clinicians in clear manner for them to assess and manage their patient’s clinical condition.

The inclusion of the Non Invasive ventilation or the Internal Nebulisation as a standard supply provides the doctor with additional tools before moving to the complex Invasive ventilation. Advanced holds in Inspiratory & Expiratory Cycles enables the clinicians to assess the patient condition better for faster decision making and better patient care.

The package is complete with "Pranaa" compressor. The advanced Peltier based technology ensures Bone dry air. Being a one point solution for the ventilator and the compressor, it provides an added convenience to the user to deal with a single supplier to ensure a smooth and continuous uptime of the ventilator.