UL Case Study

While the medical device industry in India is expected to grow in the double digits, it is still fairly new and in many cases, lacks formal regulatory oversight. The majority of devices manufactured are limited to low-value devices such as catheters, IV sets, needles, medical electronics, orthopedic implants and syringes. Many device manufacturers in India are small to medium enterprises and  due to the high price sensitivity, and unique needs of the population, many of the devices manufactured in India are sold and used in India.

In contrast to this description, Skanray Technologies, located in Mysore, India designs and manufactures precision X-rays and cardiology equipment. The company was founded by a core group of engineers and has grown so quickly and successfully, that they are now looking to expand operations outside of India to Brazil. The case study below briefly outlines how Skanray Technologies worked closely with UL to gain access to global markets.

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