Skanray's competence is its ability to leverage the various technology functions around a core of engineering design and development to manufacture products of international quality. This is achieved by integrating dedicated engineering processes, product development processes, lean manufacturing processes and verification & validation processes. Skanray's strength lies in Product Life Cycle Management for its products from concept through design & development, manufacturing, after sales service support to the end of life of products by partnering with suppliers and service providers.

Core Technology Strengths

  • Solid State Power Electronics with Precise Digital Control
  • Advanced Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Image Processing Software Algorithms
  • Hospital networking and data management
  • Usability focused, frugal mechanical engineering systems
  • Effective design for thermal management
  • Biological signal acquisition, processing system and signal analysis algorithm development
  • Precision pneumatics control system for respiratory management devices

IP and International Patents

Skanray is active in creating and protecting its intellectual property with over 80 filed patents spanning Radiology, Monitoring and Critical care products. Skanray also ensures that intellectual property of our collaborators is respected and protected in all forms of interaction.

Skanray specializes in high-frequency high-voltage power supply for medical x-ray applications. Our unique patented x-ray shielding mechanisms and image processing algorithms, reduce the radiation dose and produce clinically excellent images. We have developed technologies for measurement of Non Invasive Blood pressure, SpO2 (Pulse Oximetry) and Cardiac Output (non invasive method based on Impedance plethysmography).