Intensive Care

Skanray offers wide range of Intensive care products that comprises of ICU ventilators, Multi-parameter monitors, Syringe pumps and Infusion pumps.
The ventilators have regular and advanced modes of ventilation, both invasive and non-invasive that helps clinician to customise the treatment with greater flexibility, as best suited for each patient. With single-level menus and quick setting options, ventilation can be started within a minute. Host of features like clear audio-visual alarms, battery back-up for 3 hrs, in-built nebuliser helps to manage the patient care at ease.

The patient monitors are built on a modular platform for ease of scalability and optimise cost. Most of the parameters used in OT/OR, ICU and NICU are provided as standard features while plug and play modules are available to augument the monitoring capability, as and when required. A flexible and intutive real-time central monitoring systems are available to monitor 8/16 beds at a time, through wired or wireless connectivity.