Skanray offers products for diagnostic, monitoring and resuscitation applications in the field of Cardiology. Advanced arrhythmia analysis algorithms built into the diagnostic ECG systems help clinicians to take decisions that are faster and precise leaving no stone unturned. With conventional and PC based offerings, Skanray interests both the clinical and technical users alike.
The patient monitoring devices hosts multi-channel ECG recording, ST elevation measurements and arrhythmia detection. Combined with central nursing solutions, these products offer a unique advantage for the patient as well as the care giver. The emergency medicine line of products offer solution for both trained and lay users.
With the ever rising numbers of out of hospital cardiac events, the need for automatic external defibrillators that are simple to operate are higher than ever. On the other side of the spectrum, Skanray offers defibrillator products for advanced cardiac life support that can perform defibrillation in both manual and automatic modes, trans-thorassic pacing and patient monitoring, all using the same device.